About the School

“To all students who pass through the doors of The Valley School of Healing Arts I offer my deepest veneration to you for your desire to awaken to many wonderful non-invasive means of healing yourselves and others. “
Patricia A. Sterner
The Valley Spiritual Center
And School of Healing Arts

The programs of The Valley School of Healing Arts endeavor to develop specific skills of healing in a context of larger principles and practices, vibrationally and spiritually of alternative healing. Ultimately our goal is to further the spiritual growth of the healer or therapist through compassionate service, and of the client through the experience and recognition of healing that is more than merely physical.

The Valley School of Healing Arts, a part of The Valley Spiritual Center and School of Healing Arts, is located along the Susquehanna River on Routes US 11/15 between Selinsgrove and Port Trevorton, PA.

We are a spiritual and religious organization. But we do not place importance on holding the only “right” belief structure. Although we believe in a God power we respect the belief systems of others.
We emphasize the development of personal spirituality not through the promulgation of specific religious dogmas, but through thought, word and deed, as all religious systems agree. We hold no prejudices on the basis of race, color or creed.

The organization was originally incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1974 as the Fraternity of Light. It is non-profit, and tax-exempt organization. Our mission is “To be in God’s service for the brotherhood of mankind and all creatures great and small.” Healing is our chief focus of service. In keeping with our broad mission statement, the Center also operates an equine rescue farm, “Far Point Stables.”

The main facilities of The Valley Spiritual Center and School of Healing Arts consist in two buildings, one for classes, appointments, offices, and a store.  A smaller residential cottage on a plot a little over an acre overlooking the Susquehanna River is where the Founder has an office and a comfortable setting for consultations and an occasional overnight stay.