Hello friends and family of the Valley School,

It has been brought to our attention that there is conversation swirling around that our school is closing…THIS IS SIMPLY NOT THE CASE.
We have been very deliberate in our conversations and decision making to keep our students and staff safe during this pandemic. We use hands-on instruction for our classes and do not believe at this point in time it is safe to continue with our classes. We have decided to pause our class schedule until the Spring semester of 2021.
We anticipate being an extremely busy and active hub of learning once we get through the remainder of 2020 and the winter months of 2021.  Please take time to view our updated course catalog:  Valley School Course Catalog_Updated October 2020.
We will announce course dates on our website and school Facebook page prior to reopening this spring.
If you have any questions about our classes, our decision to remain temporarily closed, or our schedule for 2021 – PLEASE send an email or call our school for direct, accurate business and class information.
We miss our students, we miss our staff, we miss having our school open and functional, but until we feel it is safe, we will continue to post inspiring messages, information about classes we offer and general well-wishes for all.
Stay safe, stay healthy, you are loved.